Portable means of diagnostic

Ultrasonic flaw detector UDS2-RDM-23

The ultrasonic flaw detector UDS2-RDM-23 is intended for revealing, registration and decoding of signals from flaws in the railway tracks from 990 up to 1550 mm width, along the whole length and across rail section. 

UDS2-RDM-23 provides the possibility to display on the screen along with the symbolic circuit either A-type scan of the activated channel or B-type scan of all channels in the real-time mode in the process of continuous rail testing An upgraded sounding circuit is used during continuous testing. It includes the application of 28-channel parallel system of ultrasonic oscillations excitation and reception. It ensures the revealing of differently orientated flaws during one pass of the tested rail portion. It also makes possible the monitoring of acoustic contact in each channel.

A special coordinate device is provided for a more precise testing using a manual piezoelectric transducer. It allows to get the testing protocol in the form of projection on the surface of PT scanning a defectogram of the tested rail por­tion. It also gives the possibility to investigate the protocol on the flaw detector screen, using PC.

The flaw detector has an integrated system of global positioning GLONASS/ GPS for defining the coordinates of the flaw detectors position in the process of testing. The data transmission is possible by every mobile operator, using GPRS system, integrated in the device.