Mobile means of diagnostic

Motor-rail cars

The motor-rail cars use ultrasonic and magnetic testing methods which can be implemented both in separate and in combined modes.

AMD-3 and AS5D show excellent operational qualities. In particular, high flaw detectability, precision and efficiency of testing, the possibility of operation under extreme temperatures and comfortable working conditions for the maintenance staff.

The  motor-rail cars are equipped with a special operation section for the flaw detecting complex operators. The local network consists of three PCs, connected to the hardware and software complex of ultrasonic and magnetic testing RDM-15K.

The motor-rail cars are equipped with a high-tech hardware and software complex of the last generation – RDM-15 K, which shows a range of advantages in comparison with the existing analogs:

•Self-testing function at switching on

•Flexible system of channel operation synchronization;

•Unique sounding circuit in the ultrasonic channels which uses wide-cut resonators;

•Continuous testing results recording in the form of defectogammes of the tested portions in B-type scan with supplementary information about amplitude-time characteristics of the registered echo-signals in A-type scan.

•Possibility to review the recorded information at level from – 6 dB up to 6 dB relative to the set sensitivity value.

•Separate regulation of amplification in Echo and Mirror-through transmission zones in separate-combined channel.

•Prompt and accurate adjustment of the equipment to the required sensitivity level in all testing channels as well as measurement of the basic transducer parameters.

•Automatic proceeding of the recorded information

•Estimation of the acoustic contact’s quality in every testing channel.


In AMD-3M motor-rail cars the flaw detector cart is located on one of the carriages. In motor-rail cars AS-5D the follow-up system, the searching system and magnetizing system are located on the basis of the third central cart (analogous to the flaw detector car).