Mobile means of diagnostic

Hardware and software complex RDM-15K

Software and hardware complex (SHC) is located and mounted in specialized mobile flaw detection means performing nondestructive en-route testing of R50, R65, R75, UIC54, UIC60 rail tracks with speed of up to 60 km/h.

Usage hardware and software complex RDM-15K:

• Self-testing function while switching on;
• Flexible system of channels operation synchronization;
• Unique sounding circuit in the ultrasonic channels which includes the usage of wide-cut resonators;
• Signal recording in the form of A and B-type scans in the real-time mode during testing;
• Possibility to review the recorded information at levels from -6 dB up to 6 dB relative to the set
sensitivity value;
• Separate amplification adjustment in the zones of ECHO and mirror-through transmission method
in the channel with straight separate-combined resonator;
• In “Oscillograph” mode – prompt and accurate adjustment of the equipment to the required sensitivity level in all testing channels, as well as measurement of the basic transducer’s parameters;
• Automatic processing of the recorded information;
• Estimation of the acoustic contact’s quality in every testing channel.