Mobile means of diagnostic


The flaw detector car “RDM-VIGOR” is intended for rail flaw detection by means of ultrasonic and magnetic testing methods with the speed up to 70 km/h.

“RDM-VIGOR” flaw detector car shows excellent high-grade performance characteristics. In particular, high flaw detectability, precision and efficiency of testing, operation at extreme temperatures and comfortable conditions for the maintenance staff.

Usage hardware and software complex RDM-15K:

•Self-testing function while switching on;
• Flexible system of channels operation synchronization;
• Unique sounding circuit in the ultrasonic channels which includes the usage of wide-cut resonators;
• Signal recording in the form of A and B-type scans in the real-time mode during testing;
• Possibility to review the recorded information at levels from -6 dB up to 6 dB relative to the set
sensitivity value;
• Separate amplification adjustment in the zones of ECHO and mirror-through transmission method
in the channel with straight separate-combined resonator;
• In “Oscillograph” mode – prompt and accurate adjustment of the equipment to the required sensitivity level in all testing channels, as well as measurement of the basic transducer’s parameters;
• Automatic processing of the recorded information;
• Estimation of the acoustic contact’s quality in every testing channel.
The usage of patented non-contact follow-up system eliminates the smudgment with black oil and displacement of the piezoelectric units relatively to the rail axis (including worn-out rails and curved rail portions), which ensures a secure acoustic contact. The non-contact follow-up system provides the possibility to pass the turn-outs without raising the piezoelectic units

Extra features:

•The permissible minimum of the curve is diminished without control quality deterioration.
•The system of video surveillance ensures visual control of the surface of rolling, the rail
web for revealing outcropped flaws, as well as joint gaps.
•The car is equipped with GPS and GLONASS navigation systems, which provide the coordination of the received defectoscopic data, received from the equipment, with the
geographic position of the mobile detection means.
• “RDM-VIGOR” flaw detector car is provided with a common database, which includes all
the testing results of all flaw detection means and the automatic processing of the ultra
sonic testing by “RDM-VIGOR” flaw detectors.